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HY-A01 6.5

HY-A01 6.5

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1)     双轮代步,科学变革,颠覆传统,全新的出行方式

    Two-wheel travel way, free your feet, scientific change, subvert the tradition, the new way for traveling

2)     外观颜色时尚炫彩智能,你就是别人眼中的焦点

     Fashionable and colorful appearance can make you become the focus in the crowd

3)     防滑胎(橡胶轮胎)、承重、减震踏板

     Non-slip tires (Rubber tires), load-bearing, shock-absorbing pedals.

4)     体感控制,智能自平衡,智能人机互动

     Somatosensory control, intelligent self-balancing, intelligent human-computer interaction

5)     输出电压稳定,高容量电池持久续航

     The output voltage is stable, the high-capacity battery lasts for a long time.

6)     适应各种路面(强劲动力,上坡毫不费力)

     Adapt to all kinds of roads (powerful, ups and downs effortless)

7)     LED 前大灯,照亮你的路却不会亮瞎你的眼,转向灯测光灯,为您夜路骑行保驾护航(两侧反光贴,夜间醒目提醒出行更安全)

      Dazzling LED headlights and sensitive turn signal lights escort you in the dark roads and give you the safest driving experience. (Eye-catching back side reflective stickers can alarm other vehicle for avoiding the driving danger)

8)     全家畅玩,体验更多乐趣(一起玩耍,一起畅玩,让孩子的笑容始终洋溢在脸上,和小伙伴一起玩不仅能增加乐趣,还能在锻炼身体的同时结交朋友)

      Enjoy more fun with your family and friends (play together with your family and let your children's smile always shine on their face. Driving a scooter with your friends can not only increase your fun, but also excise with your friends.)

9)     LED夜行大车灯(炫酷跑马灯)发光轮,夺目耀眼,黑夜亮点

     LED night light (cool marquee), light wheel, dazzling lights, Highlights in the night

10)   无线蓝牙立体环绕音响

     Wireless Bluetooth stereo surround sound

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