Details of platform order change rules

1. cancel the order before returning to the warehouse (the system shows no shelf status), and refund the order amount in full.

2. Cancel the order before the package is dispatched, deduct the cut-off cost of the order by USD 2 and refund the remaining order.

3. If the package is cancelled after it is issued and the package is successfully blocked, the cost of order interception shall be deducted by USD 3  and the remaining order shall be refunded.

4. If the order is cancelled after the package is issued and the package is not stopped successfully, the platform will not cancel the order or refund it.

5. Distribution customers will be responsible for the refund of disputes arising from the loss of package for all plain mail orders, and the platform will not refund.

If the order needs to be cancelled, please contact the customer service at the first time (not accepting oral agreement), non-working days, please leave a message at the first time, apply for cancellation of the order time as the standard;