Recharge Management

Recharge management

Account recharge is submitted for remittance confirmation.

Function entry: cost management - remittance notice. Input details of remittance - save.

Operation procedure:】

1. Choose the type of remittance / time of remittance / account of remittance (all accounts receivable by the recipient will be in the drop-down option) / currency

2. remittance amount / transaction number (Xuan Tian) / remarks (Xuan Tian)

3. If there is a screenshot of the details of the remittance, it can also be uploaded, and then [saved] as a preliminary record of the remittance data.

Remittance confirmation

Function entry: cost management - remittance notification management.

Operation procedure:

1. enter the remittance notification management interface, inquire about the remittance record created before.

2. check the record and confirm it. Check this record and click confirm.

3. After confirmation, the record will be converted to the [confirmed] status, and after the receipt has confirmed the account in the warehouse, the record will be converted to [completed] and the system recharges successfully.

[confirmation of recharge record]

It is hereby stated that this platform only accepts us dollar receipts in order to arrive at the actual amount. Please timely recharge each distribution customer to ensure that each order is delivered on time.

Bank information: HK Bank


Bank:The Bank of East Asia, Limited  

account number:015-51468051684