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   Shenzhen Red Ant Intelligent Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D and manufacturing. The company's intelligent traveling bicycles are exported to Europe, America, Middle East and Korea and other markets, which has won the trust and recognition of customers.

    After years of development, the company has a strong R&D expert team, which is composed of top Italian designer POLO and five professional industrial designers. The members of the expert team are technical experts in software development, industrial design, automation control and other fields. The R&D team of the company is one of the strong R&D teams in the industry. The Red Ant Series is a high-tech product with many core patented technologies. The Red Ant Series is one of the products with long research and development time and many core patented technologies in the industry. The company's powerful parent resources provide a good guarantee for the company's professional talents and innovative product delivery.

   Science and technology change our lives. In the field of intelligent travel, we always uphold safe and green travel mode to make the city better.